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why we do it

Well … for over 5 years we created/maintained one of the world’s largest websites on farming, containing links to over 800 brands of tractors, to horses on farmland, to new techniques in agriculture, to sustainable farming, etc.

Some 200,000 visitors each year discovered that website. Over one million people watched our movies at YouTube and RuTube. The website has been shown in some 8 languages thanks to our friends in Poland, Czech Republic, Turkey, Russia, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Brazil, Italy and many countries more.

Midst 2012 my brother and I had to decide to stop maintaining that website due to severe illness of my brother. August 10th 2012 Jens passed away. Spring 2018 I decided to restart that website, which turned out to be a hell of a job … It was performed as a part of https://www.blueglasses.nl but with a limited storage of pictures.

So midst 2020 I started a complete new website. To the honour of my brother Jens.


By no means the new website ( like the former ones neither ) intends to offend your rights ! There only is an intention to share the best links to tractors-and-farming and some stuff that is related to that..

As my brother said “we do admire all the farmers in the world, cos ‘no farmers, no food !’ By means of this website there is a special thanks to all those farmers who in case of an emergency ( like war, lack of food, etc. ) do / did an extra effort to produce healthy food at a reasonable price. If at any time you feel offended by linking to your pages, your pictures, etc. please tell me all ( as well as your suggestions and contributions ) by an e-Mail to bluepotatoes-nl@outlook.com

By no means we are responsible for whatever damage of loss at using the websites Farmersbase.com / Blueglasses.nl / Bluepotatoes.nl .

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